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  • pomesyshost

    POMeSYS-Host is a library of modules that include wholesale orders, accounts receivable, raw material inventory control and recipe costing, and purchase order. The wholesale more

  • pomesysremote

    POMeSYS-Remote is a cloud based order entry management system designed for use by customers of wholesale businesses. POMeSYS-Remote allows your customers to place more

  • pomepos logo

    POMePOS is a web based point of sale system. As part of POMeSYS—a library of cloud based and integrated accounting and management applications—POMePOS shares more

  • 1 (2)

    POMeTIME is a smart, inexpensive, modern and easy-to-use system that utilizes cutting edge technology to track employees’ time at work. POMeTIME has two components. more

  • d is a fully web-based route delivery and management system that runs on any Android, Windows Mobile and Apple tablet or smart phone. The more

  • dd

    This web based application helps companies ‘calculate’ and ‘plot’ the optimal route for their deliveries each day. Management provides the addresses for each stop more

  • cmr

    POMeCRM publishes, markets, and supports customer relationship management (CRM) software. TwinPeaks has acquired this software and hosts it for the benefit of its customers more

  • ffff

    POMeLOT is an application that uses all three modules of POMeSYS and has three distinct components: Users will have the ability to track where more

  • fff

    This web based application allows users to perform nutritional analyses of their products and print appropriate labels according to industry standards. more

  • gauge200]

    Imagine knowing how business is doing no matter what time it is and where you are in the world! POMeGauge is a android/iPhone based more

  • bakery marketplace

    This web site is a virtual community where bakers and customers meet to conduct business. As an online portal for bakers, it allows your more

  • zb

    Z-Bake is a server based order entry, billing, costing and production, purchasing, and POS management system specifically designed for all types of bakeries. Purchase more

  • zb-380x285
    Add-on Utilities

    Automating Payments By CC Electronic Data Interchange(EDI) Exporting Data to EXCEL © Statistical Analysis and Forecasting Multi-Warehousing Processing Scanned Check Stubs Posting To Accounting more

How can we assist you?


Helping you implement our software efficiently is our number one priority. Twinpeaks Online software offers two groups of solutions— online and in-house.

ONLINE SOLUTIONS include products that run on web servers (in the cloud) and that are maintained by us.

IN-HOUSE SOLUTIONS include products that are installed on your server(s) and that are maintained by you.

It’s important that you discuss your needs and requirements with one of our consultants. We are committed to providing workable solutions to technological problems faced by our customers. We recommend browsing through our products and hardware and we will help you determine what you need for your business.



Route Management Solutions (Handheld Delivery Devices)

TwinPeaks Online provides three software solutions to businesses that deliver goods and services, accept returns, and provide proof of delivery and on-site printing of invoices. The hardware devices that are commonly used include: Android web-enabled 7-inch tablets, Apple iPads, Windows 6.5 rugged portable smartphones, and Windows 7 or 8 Pro tablets.

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Hardware: Point of Sale

Twin Peaks is first and foremost, a software solutions provider. The recommendation or sale of certain pieces of POS hardware to our customers is a courtesy service. Purchasing the proper POS hardware can at times be difficult.

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