Route Management Solutions

TwinPeaks Online offers three different Delivery/Route Management solutions:

Choosing the right product depends on a number of factors, including how much you are willing to spend on related hardware, but mostly on the level of internet connectivity available to rely on.  For example, MyRouteManager is totally web-based whereas POMeROUTE works completely offline.  Meanwhile, POMeMOBILE works offline but has the ability to synchronize online data.  Furthermore, POMeMOBILE supports rugged hardware which may be better suited for field work.  Also different on each option is what operating system they run on and the size of devices they support.

The benefits for all solutions are almost the same.  They all allow the driver to create or change invoices, gather proof of delivery as a signature, and finalize an invoice and print it on the spot.  Our route management software interfaces with mobile printers so drivers can print paper invoices on location.  In those solutions that have internet access, those invoices are also emailed to their respective customers.

You are encouraged to call one of our technicians to discuss which option is right for your business.