Sales Order, Remote, and Accounts Receivable

Wed Apr 1, 2020
9:00 am PDT - 10:00 am PDT

POMeSYS Host: Sales Order and Accounts Receivable, and POMeSYS Remote

In this webinar, we cover the basics of using POMeSYS-Host’s SO, AR, and Remote modules. We cover the following topics:

  1. Adding and editing items and customers
  2. Maintaining remote product catalog for customers’ use
  3. Creating and editing recurring order and order template files
  4. How customers enter and edit wholesale orders based on order files
  5. How customers edit recurring order files
  6. Generating recurring orders
  7. Editing and entering orders
  8. Importing orders from the Remote module to the Host module
  9. Overview of creating production reports from orders
  10. Printing and emailing orders to customers
  11. Make after delivery adjustments to orders
  12. Converting orders to invoices
  13. How customers initiate RMAs
  14. How customers view and pay open invoices
  15. How customers view statements
  16. Reporting wastage [for your own outlets]
  17. Viewing and managing accounts receivable
  18. Printing/emailing invoices and statements
  19. Entering check or cash payments
  20. Charging credit cards on file
  21. Apply payments and credits
  22. Viewing Sales Analysis reports


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