8 Reasons Moving To the Cloud Saves You Time

Moving to the cloud is a great way to help you and your employees save valuable time by outsourcing IT problems to your provider. Once you switch to the cloud, the majority of technological burdens will disappear so you and your team can focus on your business goals rather than dealing with IT issues. Many cloud service providers, like TwinPeaks Online, can help you understand and overcome these issues.

Read the 8 reasons you will save time below:

  1. Backups. With cloud solutions, a cloud service provider (CSP) like TwinPeaks Online will make regular backups of your data on your behalf. Each backup recurs on a frequent schedule to make sure if anything happens there is no data loss. And CSPs also monitors backups to make sure they are healthy.
  2. Software Updates. Instead of manually updating software, and the associated waiting for all the tasks to finish so you can get back to business, CSPs keeps all software up-to-date. CSPs regularly update all software and because of the built-in flexibility, there is never downtime while software is updated.
  3. Hardware Updates. Keeping the hardware in servers update in-house is difficult, especially if you need 24/7 server uptime. Cloud service providers always have current hardware, keeping everything modernized whether through replacement or scheduled maintenance. Because of the nature of cloud services, there is no interruption when updating hardware.
  4. Storage Management. Ensuring that you have ample storage for all your files and programs, in addition to making sure storage isn’t impacting clock speed, means a fine balance of resources and takes time to manage. Again, CSPs store all your data remotely so you never have to worry. If you need more storage, many offer solutions to scale. TwinPeaks Online has solutions that include storage at no extra cost to you.
  5. Licenses. All servers require both hardware and software licenses to operate and are valid for a specific time. Taking the time out of your schedule for an unexpected license issue can impact your business. Cloud providers have to keep all their licenses current; it’s how they conduct business!
  6. Hardware Repairs. Even if your server is in warranty when it breaks down, it still requires time to fix and your business may be severely hampered by such a malfunction, not to mention the cost if it isn’t in warranty. However, CSPs like TwinPeaks Online have redundant servers to ensure you can access your data in the event of hardware failure. There is no downtime!
  7. Maintaining Software and Hardware Compatibility. Buying a server and slapping some software in doesn’t work the same as it does for regular PCs. Servers and server-based software run differently and can be a challenge to make sure it works in-house. For those using cloud services, the functionality is as seamless as a regular desktop application. There is no configuration of both hardware and software on your end to make sure everything works. Compatibility is the CSPs responsibility.
  8. Power and Cooling Management. Throwing a server into the closet and hoping for the best is a common IT solution. It’s got power and a fan, so everything will be fine, right? Well, servers do best when provided constant, uninterrupted power from multiple sources and when they have proper access to robust cooling methods. CSPs make sure that all their servers have redundant infrastructure so you never worry about uptime and slowdowns from overheating.