Golden Boy Pies

Golden Boy Pies is a commercial wholesale bakery located in Overland Park, Kansas. It all started in 1973 when they began baking pies for the Kansas City Metro area restaurants. Now they offer gourmet-quality, freshly baked goods to casinos, restaurants, hospitals, and plant cafeterias in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois via their own fleet. Their quality is guaranteed and they stand behind their motto, “Every Batch from Scratch!”

The Problem

With approximately 80 to 120 orders to fill per day, Golden Boy Pies needed a software program that could keep pace with their increasingly high demand. Like any busy company, they needed their software to be easy to use and offer stellar customer service. They had a software system in place, but as Accounts Receivable Manager and Administrator, Sharon Hunt shared, “It had many issues and glitches. Every time we would contact the vendor, they would advise it was not a software problem and that it must be a user issue. It took constant prodding to get them to investigate the issue…They simply did not make us feel like having us as a customer, mattered. Before we switched to Twin Peaks, we had outstanding work orders with them that were upwards of 6 months old, which they never completed.”

The Solution

When Golden Boy Pies first approached Twin Peaks in search of a new software program, they were clearly frustrated. After all, work orders that dated back 6 months were costing them valuable time and energy and for a bakery who’s processing up to 120 orders per day, that eventually equates to a loss in profits.

Twin Peaks Gets to Work

The priority for Twin Peaks was to determine exactly what Golden Boy Pies needed to streamline their business and how to deliver an easy-to-use solution quickly and efficiently. They began a detailed needs analysis of Golden Boy Pies, asking pertinent questions and determining what their ideal software system needed to accomplish. There were a few special requests made and Sharon Hunt was pleasantly surprised when she learned that those requests were “no problem,” according to Twin Peaks Owner and CEO, George Keushguerian.

“Twin Peaks did not have coding for a Call Log that we use or the ability to use different bank accounts to apply monies,” said Sharon, “but George advised us that they could build these into the software and that it was “no problem!” We requested immense customization and the team never wavered; they got to work building it and worked with us to ensure it was going to work for our business before we ever moved forward with switching to Twin Peaks. The entire experience with this company has been exactly like this – any request or issue we have is met with a ‘no problem’ attitude and they are willing to see what can be done to accommodate us, the customer.”

“I have never felt like our business was not important to George’s team!”

“From the very first call with the owner to any call I make to him today he always takes the time to make sure he or his staff understands our needs and addresses our needs in a timely manner. The team has never let a request go over 24 hours without at least letting us know what they are working on and a timeframe to expect completion.”

Ease of use was also important to Golden Boy Pies. With upwards of 120 orders being processed daily, there’s simply no time to stop, start, and try to figure out software glitches. Twin Peaks not only customized their software, but they also stood by their customer during the learning curve.

Ease of Use, Training, and Support

“The product is user-friendly and easy to navigate,” said Sharon. “I like all the modules I have used. At times, we have to ask for help in using the reporting modules. There have been several unique features that I was not expecting, but the most surprising was how easy it has been to learn on our own without requiring all these long training sessions.”

As Golden Boy Pies continues to grow, so must their software capabilities. Sharon reported that Twin Peaks keeps pace with their business. “There are weekly improvements and they keep us up to date as they are made. When improvements are made, they are added to the software and available to all businesses.”

Twin Peaks: A Partner You Can Count On

Change is never easy, but when it costs your business valuable time and money, the pain of change is far outweighed by the benefit of having a fully functional system that supports your business. As Sharon put it, “I would make the switch again. The most important benefit to this system is the ability to partner with Twin Peaks and the team to make sure the software does what we need it to in order to run our business smoothly.”

Golden Boy Pies Offers Advice to New Twin Peak Customers

Sharon had this advice for future Twin Peaks customers, “Make sure to take an evaluation of every issue you have and everything that works in your current software and speak openly and frankly with George’s team. Give the team a chance to let you know what they think about your needs. There were times when they advised and proved to me that there was a faster, more efficient way to do the same thing. Be open-minded to change and stand firm on the things the software must do for your company. Talk to your staff and have them in on the discussions with the Twin Peaks team so they see that it will be a valuable change for your company.

“To me, working with Twin Peaks is the ONLY way to go!”