Online Wholesale Ordering Software

Online Wholesale Ordering System

POMeSYS-Remote is part of our bakery management software. Flexible and simple order entry makes business easy for your wholesale customers. They can manage their invoices, statements, and standing orders. Additionally, placing online orders frees your phone and fax line.

Please note that POMeSYS-Remote is not online ordering for retail sales. The system is designed for wholesale customers to place and manage orders online.

Online Orders

POMeSYS-Remote (POM-REM) module is a web based order entry system designed for use by customers of wholesale businesses. It integrates with most major accounting software packages, including Z-Bake, the ‘in-house’ server based bakery management software developed and supported by TwinPeaks Online for over 25 years. Specifically, POMeSYS-Remote allows your wholesale customers to place new orders, change existing ones, as well as duplicate past ones. In addition, it allows per customer view of their unpaid invoices and to pay them by credit card. Furthermore, it lets them maintain and manage their recurring scheduled orders on their own. In addition, your customers view your catalog online, to help them find new products that they may wish to purchase. Finally, your products could have unlimited options attached to them. For example, your customer can order a cake and select the options for icing, filling, decoration, and packaging methods.

POMeSYS-Remote works best when paired with POMeSYS-Host, our world-class bakery management software.

Pay Bills Online

With POMeSYS remote, your customers can view and pay all open invoices associated with their account. Once orders have been posted to the Accounts Receivable module, when customers log-in to your portal, they can view invoices detailing items ordered and pay the invoice directly online with a credit card. Their account is credited automatically in POMeSYS.

With this powerful online wholesale ordering system, your customers can do the order entry work instead of your office staff.

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