Sumano’s Bakery

Ray Sumano founded Sumano’s Bakery in Watsonville, California, over 13 years ago. From the start, the company baked fresh, natural, and preservative-free bread. Now, they delivery to many grocery stores in the Greater San Francisco Bay area with bakery routing software from TwinPeaks. Every day the bakers make fresh sliced loafs, rounds, baguettes, rolls, and specialty items for their customers. The bakery’s products achieve the highest standard through quality ingredients and skill.

Sumano's Bakery
Sumano's Bakery

Losing Their Solution

“Our company floundered when the  previous custom route system software became obsolete,” Ray explains. “Without any software, our drivers had to take extra time making sure deliveries were correct, hitting our bottom line. Even with extra precaution some orders arrived at the wrong locations, impacting our customer satisfaction and efficiency. “

How TwinPeaks Bakery Routing Software Helped

“My customers recommended TwinPeaks Online bakery management software,” he recalls. “They told me ‘It works great,’ and that I should look into it.” The bakery immediately needed a portable route system. Fortunately, the handhelds sold by TwinPeaks Online fit their specifications precisely. “I found that their system covered all of the functions we were looking for [in a routing system],” Ray said. “Also, their price and customer service is unmatched for the products [they] offer. I would recommend them to any business owner looking to streamline their productivity.”

The bakery routing software provides a way for them to organize their routes and drivers more efficiently. To explain, the routing system that Sumano’s Bakery uses consists of the server component and POMeRoute (the handheld devices and software). The server software allows the management team to set up customer, route, and product information. This information synchronizes to POMeRoute and contains all the instructions necessary for drivers to make accurate deliveries. All the while, the program takes the most optimal routes.

Positive Results

Ray explains that his bakery has experienced two tangible results since implementing bakery routing software from TwinPeaks. First, they noticed a decrease in time between their drivers leaving the warehouse to when they returned from deliveries. Second, they saw a “decrease in incorrect products being delivered.” No more mix-ups and confusion for drivers, and no more customer complaints for receiving the wrong package.

With their routing issues handled, Sumano’s Bakery can focus on expansion. Ray believes that TwinPeaks can help them achieve that goal with their bakery management software and its integrated delivery system because the “[TwinPeaks Online staff] is so flexible I know they will try to meet our needs no matter how big we get.”