Advanced Add-ons and Integrations

Our advanced features are special add-on utility features that not every bakery business is going to need. Because we believe in the flexible nature of modular software, we prefer to have our customers choose what software they need. Some of the advanced features include software integrations for bakeries to connect with other software like Quickbooks.

Advanced Add-on Features

Software Integrations for Bakeries

Advanced Add-ons

Advanced Add-ons

Our advanced features are special add-on utilities that enhance POMeSYS. We prefer to have our customers choose what software they need, rather than bundle and place some tools in higher tiers of service. Many of these advanced features help automate or add specific utilities that not all bakeries require. If you are looking for software integration, please look under Bridge and Links.

Software Integrations For Bakeries

1. Accept Credit Card and ACH Payments

This add-on allows user to automate the acceptance of payments by Credit Card for customers who prefer that type of payment to sending of checks or money transfer at the end of each day, week or month. This enhancement only affects the Accounts Receivable module. Customers in the system are first designated as CC payers. As the process is initiated by user the program automatically scans customer database for such customers. Once located, the balance owed is calculated, and then using PC Charge or IC Verify, the program connects, initiates money transfers, much like when using a CC processing terminal, and as soon it receives approval, makes a payment entry in Z-Bake. It applies payment to each invoice owed.

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Enter Credit card/ ACH Payments function is very easy to use, in only three steps the customer gets charged for open invoices and the system automatically updates the invoices as paid saving time in posting payments. I really like this process; it saves a lot of time in our daily accounts receivable’s task. Also, our customers can go to the system and make the payments on their own.

Pablo Cespedes, Uptown Bakery

“Golden Boy Pies, Inc. has been using the Process Credit Card Feature for almost 2 years, we only bill once a week and this is literally a few minute process.  We have to just click a couple buttons and all the work is done for us!  This even applies the payment to the invoice for you, how easy is that!  We love this feature, in seconds you know if there is a problem with anyone’s payment, and exactly what invoices it did not pay.  It is very easy to set up a new customer, we have almost ¼ of our receivables completed this way each week.  I would recommend this process to anyone wanting to streamline their receivables”

, Golden Boy Pies, Inc

“La Spiga Bakery has been using Twin Peaks/My Online for 20 years and have been very happy with the Software.  Just last year they came to us with “Accept Payments by CC”  For us this was a game changer since we run over 15 credit cards a day for wholesale.  Before we would have to run them individually now instead of taking 30-40 minutes it now takes us 5 minutes to process our daily credit card payments”

, La Spiga Bakery

I have been using the credit card and ach processing feature for over 2 years now. It is extremely easy to setup, use and is great for cash flow. The integration is seamless.  This is another intuitive feature of my online bakery where what you think it should do, it does. Well done.

David Zigler, Fifth Avenue Foods

2. Track and Trace Item Lots

Lot tracking uses all three modules of POMeSYS (SO, AR, ICC) and has three distinct components:
  1. Users will have the ability to track where finished products, with certain lot numbers, end up, i.e. track customers to whom a specific product and a specific lot number was sold.
  2. It enables users to track where ingredients of a certain product and lot number originated, i.e. the vendor from whom the products, with their accompanying lot numbers, were purchased
  3. A finished item with a specific lot number can then be linked or related to its ingredients, which also have distinct lot number. If a vendor were to place a recall on an ingredient or ingredients used to make a finished product, this functionality will enable users to locate and identify the customers who received products made of the recalled ingredient(s), quickly and efficiently. Users can also alert vendors of possible problems with an ingredient, based on customer complaints regarding a finished product.

With the power of lot tracking, you can quickly act to ensure that public health is taken into consideration, along with understanding how certain vendors affect your products. Lot tracking is an important feature for bakeries.

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This letter is being written to confirm that the Lot Item Tracking feature in Twin Peaks does work well for us here at Langlinais Bakery. We have been using the Twin Peaks software for five years now and this feature has helped us with our many third-party inspections over the years. We have used different inventory software in the past and have had many problems with this particular feature. In Twin Peaks we have found the reporting to be very accurate. Also, if there is any problem or we have any questions, they do respond as soon as possible and will correct the problem quickly.

Michelle Domingues, Your Content Goes Here

3. Nutritional Analysis and Allergen Labeling

This web-based nutritional analysis software application allows users to print appropriate labels according to industry standards. It is an integral part of the library of POMeSYS-Host (MOB-Host). It requires the use of Inventory Control and Costing (MOB-ICC), Accounts Receivable (MOB-AR), and Purchase Orders (MOB-PO) modules.Ingredients of completed and uncompleted goods are defined and maintained in the MOB-ICC module. This advanced feature maintains a database of ingredients with all of the nutritional values as defined and provided by the USDA. The User relates each ingredient used in the recipe to an equivalent ingredient in the USDA database. With this information, this add-on calculates the nutritional fact of each product. The user can then view the results, export it to a spreadsheet, or print a label.With the rise of dietary allergy and conscious ingredient checking, consumers, more than ever, want to know what is in the products they consume and how that affects them. With software from TwinPeaks Online, you can easily let them know exactly how wonderful your products are.

4. Sell Items with Attributes/Cakes with Options

For most businesses, the capability for an order entry system that enables a user to enter an order for X amount of item A and Y amount item B is sufficient. However, for a few other businesses like cake bakeries, such products, A and B, may come with certain attributes. A customer may want to specify how he/she would like to have item A cut, wrapped, or decorated; what type of filling or icing should item B be made with. This flexibility in the way orders are entered and accepted is one of the unique features that is offered through the Order Entry with Options module within POMeSYS-Host. This also necessitates having special production reports that specify ‘which items share a certain feature’ in addition to the usual ‘quantity’ of a certain item that is needed. This add-on is usable with both Sales Order and Point of Sale. Custom cake orders are part of POMeSYS Sales Order Entry (Wholesale) and POMePOS Android based POS

5. Use Smart phones for Order Entry

For those customers of yours who find it difficult to access our portal using a tablet, PC, or laptop, we provide an add-on that will enable them to enter and edit orders using smartphones. The POMeSYS Remote module  has numerous functionalities. To be properly used, all work requires a “full-size” screen of a PC, laptop, or tablet. Basically, too much information to fit on the small screen of a smart phone. This add-on helps customers who cannot use a full-screen tool to enter and edit an order.

6. Send Order Reminder Text Messages to Customers

Use of this feature requires a Twillio account. User can mark certain customers as “Must Text” if the order has not been received by a certain time each day. The program will send an automated message informing all marked customers with no orders that their order has not been placed for the day.

6. Drivers Enter Orders for Their Customers Remotely

This feature allows users to enter additional Remote logins, in groups of five, to the main customer file. Additionally, users can assign which Ship Tos a certain login can order for.

7. Process Contract Driver Tickets

This add-on allows drivers to act as customers as well as drivers for billing and commissions calculation purposes. With this add-on, drivers act as contractors who “purchase” a truck-load of goods and deliver to the bakery’s customers as well as sell to the driver’s own customers. At the end of day, they “pay” by signed tickets (which are billed to the business customers directly) and cash. Commissions are properly calculated.

8. Consolidated Sales Orders By Day/ Week/Month

This add-on utility allows user to consolidate a number of sales orders into one. This consolidation of orders takes place prior to the conversion of orders to individual invoices. Usually, each sales order or driver ticket, after confirmation of delivery or shipment and subsequent adjustment, is converted to an invoice. However, at times, the need arises to reduce paperwork and redundancy by creating just one invoice that combines many. For example, let us consider a bakery that delivers twice each day to a customer who has three stores. Furthermore, let us assume that the customer pays once a month for all deliveries. Obviously, the monthly check that the customer sends will pay for approximately 180 invoices each time. A check stub that lists 180 invoices is long, wasteful to print and time consuming for the bakery staff to process. The customer may prefer to receive just one invoice for the whole month or at least one invoice per location per month. This enhancement accomplishes that objective. If you have any questions about this enhancement and/or you need to discuss the mechanics of its usage with a customer please call Twin Peaks Software staff. We will be happy to refer you to one.

9. Manage Inventory in Multiple Warehouses

As part of our bakery inventory control module, this add-on program allows maintaining products in multiple warehouses. Instead of just informing user of the available of number of a certain product in stock, POMeSYS will also inform the user where that stock is, and if it is split among several warehouse. For example, if you have 500 frozen breads, 321 could be in warehouse 1, 93 in warehouse 2, and 86 in warehouse 3. By its nature, the functionality touches upon many aspects of inventory movement. The sale, purchase, wastage, returns, and of course inter-warehouse transfers, all affect physical movement of inventory products and are tracked through this powerful add-on.To best utilize this add-on, the Inventory Costing and Control module is required, part of POMeSYS-Host.

10. Deliver to Multiple Departments within a Ship To

This add-on feature allows users to set up departments, or additional locations, per Ship To. For example, a certain customer like a large hotel may have a café, a restaurant, and a wedding hall and may require that when an order is placed it needs to indicate what items are meant for which department. And it may also require that when the delivery ticket/invoice is delivered, that it would have the department information.

Upload and Store Documents

11. Organize Fund Raising by Schools and Non-Profits

Allows users to participate in organizational fundraising efforts, like for schools. Fundraising organizers use the Remote aspect of POMeSYS to enter orders on behalf of participants, such as students. After these orders are produced and marked per participant they are then delivered to the organizer’s location for distribution/pick up.

12. Backup Data to Local SQL Servers

Allows customers to export data created in POMeSYS to a local drive on the customer’s premises in MySQL format for use to run in-house report and analyses created by the customer.

13. Upload and Store Documents

This add-on allows users to upload and store documents and images within the POMeSYS system such as signed invoices, signed contracts, and other customer or item related documentation.

14. Allow Multiple Log-ins per Remote Customer

This feature allows users to enter additional Remote logins, in groups of five, to the main customer file. Additionally, users can assign which Ship Tos a certain login can order for.

15. Send text messages to smart phones

Use of this feature requires a Twillio account. User can mark certain customers as “Must Text” if the order has not been received by a certain time each day. The program will send an automated message informing all marked customers with no orders that their order has not been placed for the day.

16. Trade With Other POM Users Electronically

TwinPeaks programmers have designed a system to transfer information between its users. Much like EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), it is the concept of businesses exchanging data electronically. This is done without paper and without using email. In practice, a buyer sends a Purchase Order electronically to a vendor. The recipient vendor would confirm the receipt of the purchase order. Finally, the vendor would send the customer an invoice electronically. All this saves both parties the cost of creating a purchase order, printing or emailing the purchase order, sending a confirmation, and then the vendor entering it as an order and billing it.
For EDI to happen, vendors and customers do not communicate directly. They do so via a clearing house or a service center.  That center usually charges one or both parties a certain percentage of transactions it moves. Furthermore, because there are no hard standards to that communication, programmers must write code to move the data from one accounting software to another.
If both the vendor and the customer use POMeSYS, the task of transferring data is much simpler. TwinPeaks engineers have designed such a system that is ready for use for all customers. The process is simple and effortless for users, without costly custom EDI programming.

17. Manage Subscription Billing

The subscription model of delivering goods and services is popular. Many software companies like QuickBooks, Netflix, and others use this type of subscription model. What is common to all such designs is that the billing does not depend on a customer calling and asking for a product or service. Rather, the billing follows an agreed upon frequency and amount. An example of that is “Wine of the month”, “Cake of the month” and so on.
POMeSYS is designed to help a user set in motion the frequency and amount of billing and then getting paid by credit card automatically. This feature integrates with production reporting and product delivery to better service these types of customers.

18. Subscribe to Monthly Performance Report

Data is more relevant to today’s businesses than at any time before. Companies rely on aggregated data from their software to inform decisions that impact all levels of business. At TwinPeaks, we know how important data is and how having easy access to that data in a readable format is crucial. Our engineers have designed a monthly KPI (key performance indicator) report that is emailed to the administrator/owner. With the information available based on sales and receivables, key stakeholders can take that information into account when planning about products, customer retention, and more.

Here are a few things we include in this report:

  • Sales information comparing the month with the previous month and the same month the previous year.
  • Receivables information and collection rate comparisons.
  • Volume and value of a typical invoice and period comparisons.
  • Item information, include which sold the most, which has the best profit (if calculating cost), and items that have not sold.
  • Customer statistics, including customers that have not purchased recently and up to three years.
  • Statistics on Remote usage to see how much time is saved by customers managing their own orders.

19. Import Payment Details on Checkstubs

One task bookkeepers and accountants do not enjoy doing is applying a payment with a long check stub. At times, one check may cover hundreds of open invoices. The task of matching that one payment to each open invoice gets to be challenging, let alone tedious and boring. Fortunately, a vendor does not change the check format form one day to another. The page or pages that list the invoice that a certain check is paying for charges stay the same: same columns and rows. The stub can be scanned and converted to an EXCEL spread sheet. Once in EXCEL format it is read by a utility program created within the POM family of advanced features. Once read, the program then applies the payment to each invoice specified on the check stub. If a payment includes non-existing invoices the program will duly warn the user to do more research. Unfortunately, this solution is not one size fits all. In other words, this solution will not work for ANY check stub. Though all stubs are similar, columns are uniquely ordered. Which necessitates making slight adjustments on a case-by-case basis.

20. Import Sales Orders Received In EXCEL Format

Orders enter POMeSYS software in many ways. The ones that are called in by phone, or arrive by fax or email are entered manually. Regular standing orders, alternate recurring and periodic ones are generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Some arrive electronically via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). A few are loaded into the system via POMeRoute android based hand-held devices. Businesses that use POMeSYS can send orders via the POM-hub like members of the same club buying and selling to another. Finally, orders that are created on other web sites and they can be exported out in EXCEL formats, they can be imported into POMeSYS.  Again, and unfortunately, this solution is not one size fits all. In other words, this solution will not work for ANY order that arrives in any EXCEL format. Though all such spreadsheets are similar, columns are uniquely ordered. Which necessitates making slight adjustments on a case-by-case basis.

21. Order items by the Each but charge by the Pound

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22. For features

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