Production Process Control

At TwinPeaks Online, our engineers are always looking for ways to help customers improve efficiency and reduce waste in their production process. As part of that effort, we have developed a new module called Process Control (baking operation). Being an integral part of POMeSYS, data is shared with other modules such as Sales Order, Inventory Control, and POMeTime (clock-in/ clock-out) in real time. This eliminates the need for any importing, exporting, or posting of data. The Process Control module seeks to achieve three major objectives:

  1. To drastically reduce the amount of paper used in print production reports and preferably, eliminate printing any production reports.
  2. To increase the accuracy and reliability of information available to the production crew at any stage of the production cycle. This will help minimize waste by not over-producing and decreases customer dissatisfaction by not shorting, i.e. not producing enough to satisfy demand.
  3. To enable production crew to enter quantities mixed, baked, or packed.

How it works:

A touch screen monitor is placed in the production area where designated production crew can access it. Those monitors could be tablets or computers of any kind. The only requirement is online access. They could be Windows-based PC’s and laptops with touch screens, or any type of tablet that runs on Apple or Android operating system. Ideally, a monitor is placed at each one of four work stations or processes of the production cycle: mixing, dividing (scaling/ shaping), baking, and packing.  At each work station, the production manager can view the applicable report and then enter quantities of items mixed, cut, baked, or packed. Thereafter, each time the report is generated, the net amount is calculated by subtracting quantities already produced from all orders taken up to that moment.

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