Cupcake Royale

Nestled in Seattle, Washington, Cupcake Royale is the first cupcake bakery (and delivery service) to open outside of New York City.  Founded in 2003, the bakery stresses on using only high-quality local ingredients to ensure the production of cupcakes that are out of this world. The dairy used is hormone-free, their eggs are cage-free organic, and the flour is milled in Washington by local farmers.

Cupcake Royale

New Program

Cupcake Royale has been a TwinPeaks customer for many years. Their excellent staff recently switched from Z-Bake, TwinPeaks’ PC-based application, to, their fully web-based experience. Matt Teske, a Systems Specialist at Cupcake Royale, explains that he had no trouble in the transfer process. “We simply sent TwinPeaks our database from the PC version, they loaded it up, and we were ready to go.”

“We saw a few similar programs [before the switch],” Matt says, but “we were very excited to learn more about [TwinPeaks’] web-based offering.”

Matt notes that the switch to was very rewarding. “The web based [software] has provided us with a lot more flexibility,” he adds. “Previously, we only had one computer that had access to the lifeline of our bakery: the orders and production reports. With we are able to enter orders from anywhere—even our mobile phones.”

The staff at Cupcake Royale delighted with switching to “The system is easy to learn, and easy to use,” Matt says. “TwinPeaks has provided us with a good amount of training to get rolling as well.”

Originally a single bakery, Cupcake Royale has expanded to seven locations around Seattle. “We feel that will help us with all of our production needs as we continue to grow.” Furthermore, Matt mentions, “The program helps get all our production reports filtered to exactly the right specifications.”

Online Wholesale Orders

All Cupcake Royale stores use the POMeSYS-Remote portal to place orders every day. “This has been a huge time saver for our bakery,” says Matt, “as they previously had to spend several hours each week entering these orders.”

He adds that due to this success, Cupcake Royale is planning to expand their use of the portal to their wholesale clients as well.  “The team at has been very attentive to our needs and has added in several features for us already.”

Cupcake Royale is unique in that they have multiple production centers. Matt notes: “ helps get all our production reports filtered to exactly the right specifications.” TwinPeaks is committed to continue working with Cupcake Royale and ensuring that their transition into POMeSYS remains smooth for years to come.