The Elegant Farmer

In Mukwonago, Wisconsin, The Elegant Farmer transcends typical categories of bakeries, markets, or farms. They began in 1947 as a family dairy farm that sold surplus produce but expanded and developed over the years to become an entity far greater than a roadside fruit stand. Keith Schmidt, one of the current owners of Elegant Farmer, explains that while people can and do still visit for produce, they often come for much more.

The Elegant Farmer

“When fall comes, we open up pick-your-own orchard, and people come to pick pumpkins,” Keith says. “We have a corn maize, hay rides, and apple cider donuts in the donut shack. We serve lunches here at the farm. People can eat , shop at the market, and spend the whole day here.” Elegant Farmer is a destination – feeding and entertaining people from all over Wisconsin and Illinois.

Adding a Bakery

Elegant Farmer’s initial focus had been produce, but Keith says that the bakery has become a much more prominent force in the Elegant Farmer business.

They were already locally famous for their “Apple Pie Baked in a Paper Bag,” but in 2008, Bobby Flay did a Throw Down with that pie, garnering Elegant Farmer national attention. From their pies to the jumbo fruit-filled muffins and breads to their homemade salads and award-winning cheeses in the deli, Elegant Farmer keeps busy in the kitchen. Keith explains the shift, “People are working, but they still want to enjoy good quality. We listen to what they wanted, and that’s how our bakery has taken off.”

TwinPeaks Point of Sale

The most compelling advantage of POMeSYS is its seamless integration capabilities. The system flawlessly unifies our point-of-sale operations with our backend servers. This cohesiveness has resulted in marked operational efficiencies, allowing us to devote more time and focus to our core competency: the fine art of baking. This operational improvement is not merely incremental; it represents a quantum leap in how we manage our business.

While POMeSYS excels in many functionalities, including an excellent accounts receivable module, it currently does not provide an accounts payable feature. To fill this gap, we continue to utilize zBake, a previous iteration of Twin Peaks Online’s software suite. Although this represents a minor limitation, the benefits of POMeSYS’ overall functionality and intuitive user interface far outweigh this shortcoming.


Twin Peaks Online’s custom programming service has been indispensable for us. The team has displayed agility and responsiveness in adapting the software to meet our specific operational needs, whether that involves minor adjustments to existing features or the introduction of entirely new functionalities. This adaptability ensures that our operations at Elegant Farmer run smoothly, without disruptions.