Cornerstone Bread Company

“Cornerstone Bread Company is the largest wholesale bread bakery in Indianapolis,” owner Cindy Helmling proudly attests. The company serves over seventy restaurants, hotels, and small groceries. Altogether, the company sells over 112,000 units (dozens, loaves, etc) per year and has a staff of nine employees. Cindy tells TwinPeaks Online, “We are best known for our hamburger buns and rye breads. We are committed to making the best bread possible by using high quality ingredients and shaping each piece by hand.”

Cornerstone Bread Company
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Custom Products

According to their mission statement, the company “aims to become a regionally recognized brand name by capitalizing on the sustained interest in high-quality bread.” Cornerstone is primarily a wholesale bakery, but they also have a small retail store and partake in Farmers’ Markets and special events. Moreover, they dedicate themselves to extraordinary customer service. “If it’s a custom creation you need,” Cindy promises, “we’ll work closely with you in the planning process to come up with a product that combines quality and creativity.”

How TwinPeaks Fits

Ultimately, Cornerstone Bread Company needed a software solution that provided flexibility to manage their special products. The company discovered; a web-based bakery management application that is developed and serviced by TwinPeaks Online. Cindy reasons, “While we researched other products, we decided to use because [TwinPeaks CEO] George and staff listened to what we needed and designed the software for our unique needs.”

“We explained how we need to see our data,” Cindy says, “and TwinPeaks facilitated the transition. I am extremely happy with the support we’ve received from TwinPeaks. George and staff are always ready to help us with reports or training to help us meet our reporting needs.” potentially includes two components–POMeSYS-Host (used by the bakery) and POMeSYS-Remote (used by the customer).

POMeSYS-Host comprises a library of modules ranging from inventory control and recipes management to customer order entry and production scheduling. Currently Cindy is only using the order entry and production modules, but based on her positive experience she plans on eventually implementing POMeSYS-Remote and other modules in the future. With the POMeSYS-Remote web application, Cindy’s wholesale customers could place or modify orders, duplicate a past order, set up recurring orders, and view a catalog of products.

Overall, Cindy describes ( as “user friendly and easy to learn,” adding, “I think we’ll be able to adapt to support our growth.”