What You Need to Know About Cloud Software Functionality vs. Structure

There are a lot of questions to ask when it comes to choosing cloud software for your business, besides the obvious ones like “Does this fit my needs?” or “Does this fit in my budget?” Of course, these questions are extremely important to consider as a first step. But there are other questions that should be asked as well, especially as you narrow your list of choices.

Cloud service providers use different tools to run their businesses. Knowing what tools they use is important. So, two other questions to consider are: “Does it matter what programming language a software is written in?” and “Does it matter what format the databases are kept in?”

The answer to both is a surprising, “Yes.” But why?

Programming Language Matters

Programming languages come and go. Just ten years ago, FoxPro was one of the most powerful languages around. Now, many new graduates entering in the IT world haven’t heard of it. TwinPeaks Online writes their software in PHP, a modern coding language used by Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and WordPress. Not all cloud companies use modern languages to write their software. Modern software tends to run better, faster, and smoother than older languages.

Database Format Matters

This matters, a lot. Microsoft announced recently that it will discontinue support and updates to Access beginning in April 2018. Read more about this planned service closure here and here. Access has been around since 1992, when it debuted as a relational database. Today, the most modern servers and software use SQL databases, like offerings from TwinPeaks Online. If a servicer is using Microsoft Access, their customers will be affected by the closure.

It’s important to consider this type of information, as investments in cloud solutions and software can be pricey, especially when considering long-term solutions. Investing in a system that may be declared obsolete by such a powerful player in the field may not be the best business decision. Knowing how the software or the solutions works will help you make better choices.

So, make sure that your cloud service provider is using modern programming languages and modern databases, because future-proofing your business’ technical needs is the best investment you can make.