CONSOLIDATEThis add-on utility allows user to consolidate a number of sales orders into one. This consolidation of orders takes place prior to the conversion of orders to individual invoices. Usually, each sales order or driver ticket, after confirmation of delivery or shipment and subsequent adjustment, is converted to an invoice. However, at times, the need arises to reduce paperwork and redundancy by creating just one invoice that combines many. For example, let us consider a bakery that delivers twice each day to a customer who has three stores. Furthermore, let us assume that the customer pays once a month for all deliveries. Obviously, the monthly check that the customer sends will pay for approximately 180 invoices each time. A check stub that lists 180 invoices is long, wasteful to print and time consuming for the bakery staff to process. The customer may prefer to receive just one invoice for the whole month or at least one invoice per location per month. This enhancement accomplishes that objective. If you have any questions about this enhancement and/or you need to discuss the mechanics of its usage with a customer please call Twin Peaks Software staff. We will be happy to refer you to one.