4This Add on enables a Z-Bake user to export to EXCEL data from any one file of the thousands of databases that Z-Bake maintains. User is given the capability to choose the fields that needed to be exported and a range for the records to be picked up. A good example, though unrealistic, would make it easier to explain.

Let us assume that a user does not like any of the aging reports that Z-bake provides. User wants to get an aging that includes only customers who owe an amount in the $125 TO $325 range. This add-on allow user to define the file that contains that info: ARCUST01 and that needs exporting to EXCEL. This customer file has hundreds of fields including Company name, address, contact name, phone number and of course Balance owed. User of course, does not need to export ALL fields to EXCEL. That would create a humongous useless EXCEL spreadsheet. Instead, the user then selects the fields to be exported. Let us assume they are only three: company name, phone number and balance owed. User then instructs the program to export only records where the ‘balance owed’ field falls in between $125 and $325. User is then asked to decide name of the spreadsheet and location where the file will be saved.