TwinPeaks Online owner George Keushguerian shared some thoughts in Bake Magazine’s January 2019 issue about new technologies in the baking industry. Read below:

How to Compete Online

By John Unrein

Looking ahead, digital transformation requires a new set of eyes for how bakers analyze everything from sales forecasting to production scheduling. “Bakers who do not innovate the way they conduct business are probably out of business already or will be pushed aside soon,” says George Keushguerian, owner of TwinPeaks Online. “Here are the three functionalities of any type of a bakery where technological innovations should be introduced and maintained: production of goods, the sale of products, and the administration of the business.”

There are three types of point-of-sale (POS) operating systems: analog registers, PC-based registers, and tablet-based systems like Square or Clover. “We believe that TwinPeaks is the only provider of tablet-based POS software that is tailor-made for bakeries, called POMePOS,” Keushguerian says. “A good POS system alerts an owner of what items are selling on a daily or a real-time basis. Maintaining profitability and a healthy cash flow is essential and must be based on correct and current information.”

Where to invest scarce resources goes to the heart of any business, Keushguerian says. What works for one business may not work for another. Some options can add on to existing services, especially with a point-of-sale system. “Production should be as easy and seamless as possible for the production staff. Look into best-selling products and continue to view them. With the right information, you can learn what sells best for your stores and cull or reduce production of products that aren’t moving,” he says.

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How TwinPeaks’ POMePOS Makes a Difference

Designed for bakeries and restaurants, POMePOS is a powerful retail point of sale application supported by back-end web technology. TwinPeaks custom-built POMePOS with additional features that are not standard with other solutions, like on-account sales for your wholesale customers, custom cake orders, recipe costing, lot tracking, and much more. These features are not usually available from off-the-shelf POS systems, even at a premium.

Have the data necessary to make the most informed business decisions with the power of POMePOS.  Know what items sell the best and which ones do not, how to price items to ensure healthy growth, and capitalize on production information to increase sales and reduce waste. Request a demo today by filling out our online form or by calling 626-793-7223.