Gift cards are one of the best selling, year-round commodities in business today. Selling Gift cards and accepting payments in gift card form has become essential for the success of any retail business.

Gift cards aren’t just for holidays anymore. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, special celebrations like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are all occasions for giving gift cards. This year-round gift card phenomenon is a ready-made market for bakers.

Often, Gift Card processing companies charge establishment owners (bakers) a per-transaction fee with certain minumums. They maintain all data on their web based (Cloud) servers. Gift cards are swiped just as credit cards are, and data is transferred via the web. In contrast, Twin Peaks Gift Card software is an integral part of Z-Bake POS. It is installed on the local PC or server. For one-store establishments nothing more is required. For multi-store establishments polling will be necessary. If you have questions and wish to discuss the mechanics of how the Gift Card utility works please contact a Twin Peaks Software staff member. He/ she will be happy to refer you to a user.