TwinPeaks Online is a company that has been providing software solutionsto small businesses for almost 30 years. It is only fitting that we embrace the green movement and encourage you to do the same by way of our products and services.We strive to go green in our everyday lives— we carry our groceries in reusable bags, we drive e-powered vehicles, we even have solar panels installed on our roofs, and the paper we use in our everyday business lives has been replaced with emails, texts, and electronic data interchange. We can do more. The software we use should also be a part of that effort.

How can software contribute to going green?
Imagine a room full of filing cabinets and stacks of printer paper—the clutter, the likelihood of losing precious information, and ultimately the waste. Going paperless is one of the best decisions you can make for your business and the planet.

POMeSYS is a product of TwinPeaks Online and it is at the forefronts of helping small businesses transform into paperless environments. Conduct all business with your desktop, smart phone, laptop, and/or tablet. Here’s how our software works to make your business go paperless…

1.Allow your customers to order online
POMeSYS-remote enables your customers place and change orders daily. You no longer have to receive faxes, write down phone orders, or print order emails. Reduce your printing expenses and ultimately streamline your customer orders and production.

2.Display production reports on touch screens
With POMeSYS-host, your production team can easily view various reports on flat screen monitors and enter production data simultaneously. Edited data is automatically updated, eliminating the need to print and reprint reports and having to discard hundreds of pages and printouts.

3.Receive delivery confirmation on handheld devices
Choose one of three handheld solutions to download delivery data, enter returns and collect proof of delivery signatures. Drivers will not need to carry around notepads and other documents to fulfill their daily customer deliveries. Electronically signed invoices are uploaded to your home-based system and can be viewed instantly.

4.Email invoices rather thanprinting them
POMeSYS-host allows you to email invoices to your customers. Update payment information online for customers that have paid and those that have not. Eliminate paper waste by not printing and mailing them.

5.Implement EDI for receiving orders and billing
Allowreceipt of customer purchase orders and send confirmations and invoices, electronically with POMeSYS-host. Maximize savings for you and your customer by minimizing printing and filing papers, as well as data entry errors.

6.Get paid by credit card automatically
At the end of each month, POMeSYS-host processes credit card payments for your customers. Reduce your accounts receivable by getting paid on-time, recording credit card information automatically, and keeping track of both credit card paying customers and non-credit card paying customers all in one program.

Going green may be a challenge for you but we’re here to help you transition. Implement TwinPeaks Online software in your business and see the difference it can make for overall productivity.