April 2o20 Special: We can help you work from home with POMeTime

Employees can clock in/clock out remotely (online) and charge their time to projects. When running payroll users can print a report that would tell which employee spent what time on what project doing what. For more information click here.

We are offering this to any new or existing customer to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

March 2020 Special: New customers receive 1 year subscription to KPI Monthly Performance Report for free.

Data is more relevant to today’s businesses than at any time before. Companies rely on aggregated data from their software to inform decisions that impact all levels of business. At TwinPeaks, we know how important data is and how having easy access to that data in a readable format is crucial. Our engineers have designed a monthly KPI (key performance indicator) report that is emailed to the administrator/owner. With the information available based on sales and receivables, key stakeholders can take that information into account when planning about products, customer retention, and more.

Here are a few things we include in this report:

  • Sales information comparing the month with the previous month and the same month the previous year.
  • Receivables information and collection rate comparisons.
  • Volume and value of a typical invoice and period comparisons.
  • Item information, include which sold the most, which has the best profit (if calculating cost), and items that have not sold.
  • Customer statistics, including customers that have not purchased recently and up to three years.
  • Statistics on Remote usage to see how much time is saved by customers managing their own orders.