5 locationsBusinesses that have multiple store locations and one or more production facilities often require customer and product data to be aggregated in one location or ‘polled’. Furthermore, those bakeries that also take cake orders need to have those orders exported to the production facilities too. Thus, data polling makes it possible to prepare comparative sales analysis reports and print consolidated production reports.

The techniques that are used to achieve polling vary. Twin Peaks Software utilizes its web based application called MyOnlineBakery.com (MOB) as a hub. All data is exported from each store to MOB and MOB then transfers relevant data to production facilities. Updating data stored on local store computers is equally important and essentially follows the same path. A customer may order a cake at one store but wishes to pick it up at another. A customer may purchase a gift card at one store and decides to use it at another.

If you have questions and wish to discuss the mechanics of polling with a user please contact Twin Peaks Software staff member. He/ she will gladly provide you with references.