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MyRouteOptimizer: Bakery Delivery Software

MyRouteOptimizer is web based bakery delivery software application that helps companies ‘calculate’ and ‘plot’ the optimal route for their deliveries each day. Management provides the addresses for each stop on each route. Those addresses can also be manually entered into the site, imported from an Excel spreadsheet or from accounting or management software that automatically creates them. To do so, MyRouteOptimizer accesses Google Maps, sends data, obtains plotted maps and transmits them to you and your drivers. You can also enter the estimated time of stoppage at each location and the website will calculate the total estimated duration of each trip. Finally, if you enter the time constraints as to when a driver can be at a site, MyRouteOptimizer will re-calculate the best route for you.

Please visit and optimize your route.

MyRouteOptimizer is associated with one of our applications. We have other solutions for more traditional delivery route management on multiple types of devices. For our other bakery delivery software applications, please check out our Route Management Solutions page.

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