testimonialsSince we implemented MyOnlineBakery in 2008, we have spent a minimum amount of time doing wasteful date entry. All of our drivers input their own orders online instead of faxing or calling us to enter/change their orders. This has resulted in tremendous savings and is very convenient for us and our drivers. We highly recommend it.

Calandra’s Bakery:
Calandra’s Bakery

avatarWe have been using Z-Bake since 2008. The system offers very easy-to-use order entry, billing, and reporting systems. Through the use of recurring orders, our accuracy and order completeness have improved immensely. The reporting capabilities are tremendous and allow us to report on every aspect of our business. Telephone support from TwinPeaks has been excellent.

Beaverton Bakery:
Beaverton Bakery

avatarAs you know, Kabir’s Bakery was having some issues with our TwinPeaks program that resulted from some hardware malfunction a few weeks prior. Thanks to your assistance, it is now taken care of. I must tell you, that one of your staff members, Gary, was excellent and very helpful with our problems. Gary stayed late to make sure the problem was solved and I really appreciated it. To be honest, we have never had any problems with your software, this one being the first, and we know that we can continually depend on your support. Once again, we appreciate your efforts and your dedication to customer service is clear through your hard-working staff members.

Kabir’s Bakery:
Kabir’s Bakery

avatarThe most beautiful thing about My Online Bakery – Remote is its simplicity. My customers love it. Call traffic & volume has reduced as a result of the customer putting in there own order instead of calling them in; which in turn gives our customer service department more time for customers and extra attention to detail.

Schripps European Bread:

avatarIn using Z-Bake as our point of sale solution for Flavors Bakery since our opening in early July (2012), we have found the POS system to be easy to maintain and use. It is especially helpful to see what is selling to help determine what items we want to showcase and those that need to be discontinued. The sales and support staff at TwinPeaks Software have been very quick to respond when we have called upon them to help address any questions or issues that come up. I believe that Z-Bake is a great value and is a good overall fit for our Bakery. I cannot imagine what our opening would have been like if we did not have Z-Bake as our POS. We look forward to activating the additional features, such as gift cards and the loyalty program, in the near future.

Flavors Bakery
Flavors Bakery

avatarI am writing on behalf of Bluepoint Bakery to express our strong endorsement of www.MyOnlineBakery.com. As of July 1, 2009, we transferred from our web ordering and starting using MyOnlineBakery.com. Since then, we have increased our volume of online orders by 6.34%. Here is what some of our customers are saying: “It is completely time efficient, and the piece of mind that you get with the order confirmation is wonderful””MyOnlineBakery.com is easy, convenient and I’m loving it!!!” “Working in customer service, it is so convenient and time saving to be able to place orders online as opposed to over the phone. The customer receives more attention this way, and multitasking is much more economical. Thank you for making our mornings that much easier!!” Thank you again for your continued effort in making MyOnlineBakery so successful for us.

Blue Point Bakery
Blue Point Bakery

avatarTwinPeaks was able to do many customizations for us in Z-Bake and meet our specialty needs. Their customer service is top notch. We are still in the process of learning the many things that Z-Bake has to offer. I would highly recommend Z-Bake to other bakeries in need of this automation.

Sun-Rise Baking Co.:
Sun-Rise Baking Co.

avatarIt has been a pleasure using MyOnlineBakery.com in conjunction with our existing accounting software. It has allowed customers, whom we have enabled, to enter and change their daily orders and maintain their standing orders. The program sends us, the bakery, and an email notifying us of an order. The service has paid for itself many times. Thank you for providing such technologically advanced service to us and the baking community.

Tom Cat Bakery:
Tom Cat Bakery

avatarWe implemented Z-bake by Twinpeaks software in 2011 and I cannot imagine running our bakery today without it. From the very beginning, George and his team made us feel very comfortable in learning a new system. They go above and beyond what would normally be acceptable in a vendor relationship. The software itself is very simple to learn and implement, but that certainly does not mean it isn’t powerful. You can modify just about any part of Z-bake to fit the way you run you bakery. After meeting with George, he will tailor a solution that will work for you. Once up and running, this powerful tool will become invaluable to your operation. Z-Bake has already paid for itself…from the time saved per in store transaction with easy sales entry, to the reports that allow you to view a perfect snapshot of each day. I would without a doubt recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their bakery!

Orland Park Bakery:
Orland Park Bakery

avatarI want to thank Gary and his staff for their great customer support.
Our bakery is on the east coast and it never fails if we have an issue, it is in the middle of their night. They are always ready and available to take our call and help us solve whatever we have mucked up so we are ready to open at 6am est!
If you are even thinking about another company for your bakery POS, you are crazy. This is a top notch company.

Granny Mac’s Bake Shop:
Granny Mac’s Bake Shop

avatarOur company, Carter’s Specialty Breads, began using the Twin Peaks software in 2005. We have been very pleased with the performance and ease of the system. The software is very user-friendly and easy to teach to new operators. The checks and balance system helps to prevent errors with orders and shipping. Also, the types of reports are very extensive and useful.

Carter’s Specialty Breads:
Carter’s Specialty Breads

avatarWe have been a customer of Twin Peaks since 1996, and will be for many more years. We run a full scale Wholesale Bakery with over 200 customers, and we have a product list of over 400 items. We are very pleased with the program, and have had very few problems which were most of our own doing. George and the team have always been very helpful throughout the years. We recommend this program to all Bakeries. Thanks Guys, and keep up the great work!

Saffron Bakery:
Saffron Bakery

avatarAt this time of the year, when we renew our annual contract, I would like to take the opportunity to let you know how satisfied we are with your company and the Z-Bake program. We have used Z-Bake in our bakery distribution company for over 11 years and it is the easiest and most trouble free part of our operation. We operate the program six days a week, 52 weeks a year, almost without incidence. Your tech support staff is timely in their responses and has never failed to solve every issue we have ever presented to them. I commend you on a well run company and an excellent product.

Pastries Unlimited:
Pastries Unlimited

avatarFortunately for us, our bakery was growing and getting busier. We needed to make the move and start running with bakery management software. I was very fearful of the commitment, but after a few conversations with George, I knew Z-Bake would be for us. In the short time we have implemented Z-Bake; it has made our bakery so much more productive. The software and all of the reports, the checks and balances, the ease of order entry are all wonderful. We continue to be happy with our software decision and we are especially happy with the people who support Z-Bake. George and his team are always available and they are patient and willing to help. We look forward to growing our bakery with Z-Bake’s enhancements.

Militello’s Italian Bakery:
Militello’s Italian Bakery