Bakery Snapshot App

POMeGauge: Bakery Snapshot App

Imagine knowing how business is doing no matter what time it is and where you are in the world! POMeGauge is a android/iPhone based application that provides continuous real-time access to your stores: Total Sales, The Number of Customers that walked in, Amount of cash in drawer(s) and the Amount of future orders ordered. To make the best use of this bakery snapshot app, you’ll need POMePOS, our Android-based Point of Sale system designed specifically for the baking industry.

Do you have multiple Stores? No problem! POMeGauge gives you a breakdown of each of your stores allowing you to conveniently view information with a touch of a button. With POMeGauge you can monitor the activity of your store, separately or together as aggregate. POMeGauge also allows the user to go back to previous days and analyze what happened on each of those days making it easy to view information. Keeping track of sales and how your business is performing week after week is always good.

Information in the digital age can be frustrating to access, with different websites, login information, and multiple apps. But with our bakery snapshot app, you have everything you need to know about your retail locations at your fingertips, wherever you are! If you sell wholesale as well, check out POMeSYS-Host. Our web-based dashboard offers similar functionality from any browser.

Request a demo of our POS or POMeGauge to see how our powerful software can work for you.

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