POMeSYS Remote Full Feature Detail List

POMeSYS-Remote is part of our bakery management software. Flexible and simple order entry makes business easy for your wholesale customers. They can manage their invoices, statements, and standing orders. Additionally, placing online orders frees your phone and fax line.

Please note that POMeSYS-Remote is not online ordering for retail sales. The system is designed for wholesale customers to place and manage orders online.

Features available that you can do from the back-end:

  • Custom landing/login page with your logo
  • Set cut off times globally, per customer, or per item
  • Limit what items can be ordered and changed by any customer by customized sales template
  • Control customer action with visible menu options
  • Prevent orders if a customer owes too much
  • Create login for each customer (up to two emails)
  • Upload pictures and information to include items in your catalog
  • Receive emails for every order when placed
  • View wastages and adjust orders for your outlets
  • Set minimum order amount for free shipping
  • Charge shipping fees on a per-customer basis
  • Create custom bulletin messages per customer or customer category

What your customers can do without calling you:

  • Enter order based on standing/recurring file
  • Enter order based on template file
  • Duplicate a past order
  • Place order custom cakes with pre-designated, pre-priced options
  • View past orders before they become invoices
  • Edit orders on file before cut-off time
  • Edit weekly standing order
  • View and print open (unpaid) invoices
  • Pay invoices with a credit card
  • Export invoices to Excel or PDF
  • Print statements of invoice register with aging information
  • Start an RMA/Complaint
  • Place standing order on hold for a period of time, or 20 separate days
  • View static price list
  • View product catalog and add items to order template
  • Enter daily wastages for you own outlets
  • View bulletin messages
  • Upload pictures for custom cakes requests
  • Attach comments to an order
  • Attach comments for each line-item
  • Contact Us page with phone number and email, and email form
  • Help page with instructions on how to use Remote

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