Route Management Solution

POMeRoute is an offline route delivery and management system that runs on hand held devices with Windows XP, 7 or 8 operating systems. It has two components. The first is used by drivers to create invoices on site; the second is used by management to add new customers, routes, products and to perform other functions such as exporting invoices to other accounting packages.

acer tablet

Use POMeROUTE on Windows devices: the Acer Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet, for example.


1. Web Disconnected

If your routes are in an area with little or poor web connectivity, POMeRoute is your ideal solution. There is no web connectivity required. Each day, drivers download data in the morning and upload data before they go home.

2. Portability

This module is written specifically for tablets running Windows 7 or newer. Many tablets that run this OS are about 10”, which is too large to be tucked into a pocket or held in one hand. Nevertheless, they are ideal to be mounted on trucks. Not to worry though, there are smaller tablets available like the 8.1” Acer Iconia W3, which we recommend.

3. On-site Invoices

Your drivers can create invoices that reflect the day’s deliveries and returns, as well as view previous delivery tickets to estimate future needs for your customers. Invoices are instantly available to print. If the device can read barcodes, your drivers can also scan data from UPCs to save time rather than entering them manually.

4. Accept Signatures

After invoice generation, your customers can sign directly on the device screen with our signature capture. The signatures are saved to the back-end software upon syncing to be reprinted at a later time.

zebra rw420 mobile printer

Print invoices on-site with a mobile printer, such as the Zebra RW420.

5. On-site wireless printing

If required by customers, drivers can print invoices on belt-carried printers. We recommend the Zebra RW420 or a similar printer. Please note that not all belt-carried printers are compatible. If a full-sized (8.5”x11”) invoice is desired, a Bluetooth-enabled, truck-mounted printer can also be used.

6. Data Synchronization

At the beginning of each driver shift, the data they will need is downloaded from your local PC to the device. At the end of their shift, the invoices and other data are uploaded back to the PC. The device is connected directly via a USB cable. Once that is done, copies of invoices that a driver has created on site can be emailed to customers. There is no need for wireless synchronization between the device and the web.

7. Pricing

We charge a one-time, per-device fee with an initial setup and training fee. There are no limits to the number of customers served on each route or how long our program can be used without needing an upgrade. For best results, we recommend POMeSYS as your back-end software, although you may choose another solution. However, such software must have communication protocols between it and POMeRoute. For current pricing, please contact us.

8. Backend Software

We provide a back-end software called POMeSYS. Although designed to be used by bakers to manage their businesses, it can be used in other food distribution industries. POMeRoute is compatible with the main modules of POMeSYS. The included modules in POMeSYS create and change information about customers, products, and routes. Orders from customers and drivers are entered and then downloaded to your hand held devices.

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