Keep Your Cookies in the Cookie Jar

Ali’s Cookies, located in Marietta, GA, has been dishing out freshly baked, homemade, kosher cookies for over 30 years. Founders, Alison and Jeff Rosengarten, have a recipe for success and TwinPeaks Online is proud to be a crucial ingredient. With their steady focus on producing a quality product, it wasn’t long before Ali’s Cookies became a go-to confectionery. Today, Ali’s Cookies maintains a very loyal following and has four busy shops to manage.

Cookies Online
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Custom Solutions for Unique Needs

When asked why the company went looking for a web-based POS system, Mr. Jeff Rosengarten said, “We were looking for solutions to improve our operations and wanted to get away from the old-fashioned cash register. We wanted information to be available at our fingertips.”

“We looked into alternatives and other tablets but they all had limitations.” Although Jeff was in the market, nothing was as impressive as what, George Keushguerian, founder of TwinPeaks Online, did for him and his company. “George was able to offer us a customizable POS. It was important for me to have a custom utility to be able to import my accounting information to Quick Books for reporting purposes.”

This attention to detail influenced Mr. Rosengarten to try the products and services of TwinPeaks Online. Years later they remain happy with their choice. “TwinPeaks can customize anything and gets things done responsibly and efficiently for their clients. For me that’s the edge over any other system.”

POMePOS for more cookies

For his more recently opened shops, Mr. Rosengarten spoke a bit about being a beta-tester for the latest TwinPeaks Online POS product, POMePOS. “For our newer stores we were testing out POMePOS. As a beta-tester it was given to us free of charge and now we are very pleased to implement it in our businesses.” Even though Mr. Rosengarten says he is pleased with the program’s updates and user-friendliness, recently coming out of the testing phase hasn’t provided him with much information about ROI just yet.

The problems that Ali’s Cookies were facing in testing POMePOS were addressed and resolved. According to Mr. Rosengarten, Twinpeaks Online customer service has been prompt and helpful in implementing their products for the second shop and troubleshooting any complications. “I would definitely recommend TwinPeaks Online software to other businesses. I have a great relationship with the company solely based on the quality products they have and the top-notch service they provide.”