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The heart of our wholesale bakery software is POMeSYS-Host, a group of modules outlined below. These related modules work together from order entry, production, packaging and delivery, billing and payments, and inventory management. All of our other modules work best when paired with POMeSYS-Host.

Of course, the best bakery software can work for many food manufacturing and distribution purposes as well as bakeries. Ask us how we can help you do business better. We’re here to help!

Online Wholesale Order Management

POMeSYS-Remote is part of our bakery management software. Flexible and simple order entry makes business easy for your wholesale customers. They can manage their invoices, statements, and standing orders. Additionally, placing online orders frees your phone and fax line.

Please note that POMeSYS-Remote is not online ordering for retail sales. The system is designed for wholesale customers.


POMePOS is a web based point of sale system. As part of POMeSYS—a library of cloud based and integrated accounting and management applications—POMePOS shares its files maintenance and reporting functionalities. However, POMePOS also has a Google tablet component that functions independently in situations where access to the internet is either unavailable or unacceptably slow or unreliable.

It is available in three versions. The standard version performs the functions of a regular cash register. But, unlike most ‘restaurant’ type POS applications it does provide user the ability to sell a lot of items very easily. For example, with just two touches user can sell any of 960 inventory items. That number jumps to 28,800 with the use of three touches.

The enhanced version, in addition to all the features of the standard, allows selling products to ‘wholesale’ customers on account. Finally, the premium version, in addition to all of the features of the enhanced also allows user to accept cake orders and print production sheets and labels. By their nature, the enhanced and premium versions can only run when access to the internet is available.


POMeTIME is a smart, inexpensive, modern and easy-to-use system that utilizes cutting edge technology to track employees’ time at work. POMeTIME has two components. The first, POMeTIME back-end, is a cloud based program that managers use to add employees, setup their work schedules and print detailed reports on hours worked by employee, department and location. The second, POMeTIME Android, is an app written in Java that runs on a 10′ Android tablet.

MyRouteManager is a fully web-based route delivery and management system that runs on any Android, Windows Mobile and Apple tablet or smart phone. The first of two components is accessed by each driver using a hand-held device. The second is accessed by management to add new customers, routes, products and to perform other functions such as exporting invoices to other accounting packages.

Its main features include:

Web-Based implementation

All programs and data are stored on secure servers, which are accessible anywhere and at any time via an Internet connection. Drivers access the website to create orders, change them, and print them. The manager can access the same site to add and change customers, products, and routes; and conduct back-end operations. It is recommended to use devices with 4G capabilities, as they are optimized to use My Route Manager effortlessly and effectively.


My Route Manager can be accessed and implemented by almost any handheld device with a web browsing capability. The suggested size for the screens of such tablets should be about 7 inches. Larger ones cannot be easily tucked into pockets or held in one hand. Smaller ones may prove to be difficult to read and to operate.

On-site invoicing

Drivers can create customer invoices that reflect the day’s deliveries and returns. With this web-based software, drivers can access previous orders or estimated delivery tickets, update their contents and save them. If the smartphone has a barcode reader, data (in the form of bar codes) can be scanned rather than manually entered.

Accepting e-Signatures

Once an invoice is generated, My Route Manager’s unique signature capturing software allows your customers to sign directly onto the touch screen of a smartphone or tablet. Depending on the hardware you choose, different operating systems provide different methods for capturing signatures.

On-site wireless printing

Upon request, drivers can print invoices on a belt carried 4″ printer from manufacturers such as O’Neil©, Datamax©, or Zebra©. If a full sized (8.5″x11″) invoice is desired, a Bluetooth enabled, truck mounted printer will need to be purchased.

Real-time data transfer and storage through the internet

Since no data is being stored on the device itself, there is no need for synchronization between the server and the device. Copies of invoices that are created at a customer site are emailed instantly to the customer and management.


This web based application helps companies ‘calculate’ and ‘plot’ the optimal route for their deliveries each day. Management provides the addresses for each stop on each route. Those addresses can also be manually entered into the site, imported from an Excel spreadsheet or from accounting or management software that automatically creates them.

To do so, accesses Google Maps, sends data, obtains plotted maps and transmits them to you and your drivers. You can also enter the estimated time of stoppage at each location and the website will calculate the total estimated duration of each trip. Finally, if you enter the time constraints as to when a driver can be at a site, will re-calculate the best route for you.


POMeCRM supports customer relationship management (CRM) software. Our CRM software package seeks to attain the following objectives

  1. Sales division automation: CRM is used to facilitate and streamline the sales process. The core of the operation is contact for tracking and recording every stage in the sales process for each prospective client, from initial contact to final disposition. Applications also include insights into opportunities, territories, sales forecasts and workflow automation.
  2. Marketing: CRM is used for initiating, tracking, and measuring the success of marketing campaigns over multiple channels, such as: email, search, social media, telephone, and direct mail.
  3. Customer service and support: CRM is used to create, assign and manage requests made by customers in order to direct customers to agents. The CRM system can also identify and reward loyal customers.
  4. Appointments: CRM provides suitable appointment times to customers via e-mail or the web.


POMeLOT is an application that uses all three modules of POMeSYS and has three distinct components:

  1. Users will have the ability to track where finished products, with certain lot numbers, end up, i.e. track customers to whom a specific product and a specific lot number was sold.
  2. It enables users to track where ingredients of a certain product and lot number originated, i.e. the vendor from whom the products, with their accompanying lot numbers, were purchased
  3. A finished item with a specific lot number can then be linked or related to its ingredients, which also have distinct lot number. If a vendor were to place a recall on an ingredient or ingredients used to make a finished product, this functionality will enable users to locate and identify the customers who received products made of the recalled ingredient(s), quickly and efficiently. Users can also alert vendors of possible problems with an ingredient, based on customer complaints regarding a finished product.


This web based application allows users to perform nutritional analyses of their products and print appropriate labels according to industry standards. It is an integral part of the library of (MOB-Host). It requires the use of Inventory Control and Costing (MOB-ICC), Accounts Receivable (MOB-AR), and Purchase Orders (MOB-PO) modules.

Ingredients of completed and uncompleted goods are defined and maintained in the MOB-ICC module. The POMeNUTRI application maintains a database of ingredients with all of the nutritional values as defined and provided by the USDA. The User relates each ingredient used in the recipe to an equivalent ingredient in the USDA database. With this information, POMeNUTRI calculates the nutritional fact of each product. The user can then view the results, export it to a spreadsheet, or print a label.


Imagine knowing how business is doing no matter what time it is and where you are in the world! POMeGauge is a android/iPhone based application that provides continuous real-time access to your stores: Total Sales, The Number of Customers that walked in, Amount of cash in drawer(s) and the Amount of future orders ordered.

Do you have multiple Stores? No problem! POMeGauge gives you a breakdown of each of your stores allowing you to conveniently view information with a touch of a button. With POMeGauge you can monitor the activity of your store. POMeGauge also allows the user to go back to previous days and analyze what happened on each of those days making it easy to view information.

Advanced Add-ons and Integrations

Our advanced features are special add-on utility features that not every bakery business is going to need. Because we believe in the flexible nature of modular software, we prefer to have our customers choose what software they need. Some of the advanced features include software integrations for bakeries to connect with other software like Quickbooks.



Z-Bake is a server based order entry, billing, costing and production, purchasing, and POS management system specifically designed for all types of bakeries.

  • Purchase Order
  • Point of Sale
  • Sales Order – Wholesale
  • Sales Order – Retail
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory Control
  • Accounts Payable
  • General Ledger
  • Time Manager
  • Production Process Control


This web site is a virtual community where bakers and customers meet to conduct business. As an online portal for bakers, it allows your current customers as well as potential ones from anywhere in the world to locate your bakery, place orders and pay for their purchases. For example, John, one of your regular customers, can use the site to order his favorite item, indicate that he will pick it up at a certain hour, pay for the goods and be done. Or, Aunt Mary in Boston can find you, the closest bakery to her niece in Los Angeles, select the cake she likes with all of its available options and have it delivered to her niece on her birthday without ever moving from her desk. One copy of the order is then e-mailed to the customer and another one to you.

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