Custom Cake Orders

If you offer custom cake orders, this add-on feature is designed for you. Each cake type can have multiple option categories associated, such as Filling, Decorations, Flavors, Messages, and more. Each category can have options associated, so flavors may be chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, and more. Best of all, your operators do not need to remember pricing for each option, as the program remembers and adjusts the price accordingly! Choose the delivery date or if the cake will be picked up.

All custom cake orders are then sent to your production team instantly with all the information they need to create the perfect cakes for your customers. All options selected in the sales order are matched to the specific type of cake (round, sheet, etc.) with the date it needs to be ready printed right on the order information report.

Custom cake orders are part of POMeSYS Sales Order Entry (Wholesale) and POMePOS Android based POS