Inventory Management Sytem

Manage Inventory in Multiple Warehouses

As part of our bakery inventory control module, this add-on program allows maintaining products in multiple warehouses. Instead of just informing user of the available of number of a certain product in stock, POMeSYS will also inform the user where that stock is, and if it is split among several warehouse. For example, if you have 500 frozen breads, 321 could be in warehouse 1, 93 in warehouse 2, and 86 in warehouse 3. By its nature, the functionality touches upon many aspects of inventory movement. The sale, purchase, wastage, returns, and of course inter-warehouse transfers, all affect physical movement of inventory products and are tracked through this powerful add-on.

To best utilize this add-on, the Inventory Costing and Control module is required, part of POMeSYS-Host.

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