Lot Tracking and Traceability

Lot tracking auses all three modules of POMeSYS (SO, AR, ICC) and has three distinct components:

  1. Users will have the ability to track where finished products, with certain lot numbers, end up, i.e. track customers to whom a specific product and a specific lot number was sold.
  2. It enables users to track where ingredients of a certain product and lot number originated, i.e. the vendor from whom the products, with their accompanying lot numbers, were purchased
  3. A finished item with a specific lot number can then be linked or related to its ingredients, which also have distinct lot number. If a vendor were to place a recall on an ingredient or ingredients used to make a finished product, this functionality will enable users to locate and identify the customers who received products made of the recalled ingredient(s), quickly and efficiently. Users can also alert vendors of possible problems with an ingredient, based on customer complaints regarding a finished product.

With the power of lot tracking, you can quickly act to ensure that public health is taken into consideration, along with understanding how certain vendors affect your products. Lot tracking is an important feature for bakeries.

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