Nutritional Analysis and Allergen Labeling

This web-based nutritional analysis software application allows users to print appropriate labels according to industry standards. It is an integral part of the library of POMeSYS-Host (MOB-Host). It requires the use of Inventory Control and Costing (MOB-ICC), Accounts Receivable (MOB-AR), and Purchase Orders (MOB-PO) modules.

Ingredients of completed and uncompleted goods are defined and maintained in the MOB-ICC module. This advanced feature maintains a database of ingredients with all of the nutritional values as defined and provided by the USDA. The User relates each ingredient used in the recipe to an equivalent ingredient in the USDA database. With this information, this add-on calculates the nutritional fact of each product. The user can then view the results, export it to a spreadsheet, or print a label.

With the rise of dietary allergy and conscious ingredient checking, consumers, more than ever, want to know what is in the products they consume and how that affects them. With software from TwinPeaks Online, you can easily let them know exactly how wonderful your products are.

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