Processing Scanned Check Stubs

Process Scanned Check Stubs

This add-on utility allows POMeSYS users to cut substantial amount of data entry time. Paper checks are often accompanied by stubs that ‘explain’ or ‘enumerate’ invoices that such checks must be applied to. Usually, a data entry person or an accountant accesses the accounting software and starts applying each payment to all the invoices listed on the accompanying stub. This process can be lengthy if one payment covers hundreds of invoices. Chances of making mistakes are plenty. In contrast, by scanning check stubs, digitizing them and then having POMeSYS read them and then applying them to the proper invoices goes a long way towards automating that process.

Needless to say, this process does not apply to all payments by paper checks. Even when it does apply the reading and applying program must be customized. Unfortunately, at present there are no standardized ways of presenting data on check stubs.

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