Bakery MarketPlace (BMP)

The Future of Bakery E-commerce

Bakery MarketPlace (BMP) is a groundbreaking e-commerce platform designed exclusively for bakeries. It uniquely integrates with POMeSYS, the cloud based bakery management software of TwinPeaks Online. These two products together offer a seamless operational experience from managing online orders to in-store Point Of Sale to corporate business management.

Streamline Your Order Sales Process:

Our platform automates the transition from browsing to buying, providing a smooth and efficient pathway for your customers. With BMP, your bakery’s products, including all customizable options, are directly integrated into your website straight from POMeSYS. This integration means updates to product details or prices are reflected online, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your sales channels. This feature eliminates double entry, which is an inefficient way of maintaining multiple databases: one on the web, another on a POS machine and another on a server.

Empower Your Customers:

Bakery MarketPlace is unique in its ability to provide comprehensive customization for bakery products along with direct integration to POMeSYS. This seamless connection allows customers to effortlessly design and order their preferred bakery items online, enhancing user satisfaction and encouraging more frequent purchases.

Optimized Operations:

BMP’s integration creates a full-circle workflow: orders placed on BMP are immediately updated in POMeSYS, then communicated to POMePOS, TwinPeaks Online’s Bakery POS system , ensuring that the bakery staff know precisely what to make. Whether orders are set for delivery via POMeRoute or pickup in-store, the process minimizes manual data entry, reduces errors, and boosts overall operational efficiency. Additionally, all data is managed on your company’s server, centralizing information and enhancing security and accessibility. This unique system streamlines every step from order to delivery or pickup, setting it apart as the only one in the world with such comprehensive integration.

Join Our Community:

Become a part of a growing community of bakeries that are embracing the future of e-commerce. Sign up for BMP today and transform how your bakery operates, delights customers, and achieves new levels of success.