Have you seen the Amazon cookbook bestseller page recently? Many of the top sellers come from bakeries: Magpie’s beautiful primer on pies, Momofuku Milk Bar’s spread of innovative modern dessertsTartine’s elegant collection of classics, and more.

baking cookbook

Cookbooks are purchased as gifts nearly twice as much as other books; put together an attractive package that highlights the unique character of your establishment, and you’re giving customers a great, non-perishable gift option that makes your business a topic of conversation right in the recipient’s home.

Do you have to be a nationally-known bakery or restaurant with a celebrity chef before you can publish a cookbook? If you’re looking to play on the Amazon bestseller field, it certainly helps — but for humbler goals, you don’t need a major publishing deal. Blurb.com offers tips (and free software) for self-publishing cookbooks, specifically baking cookbooks. Check out their interview with three self-published bakers.

cream puff on outstretched hand

Now, ask yourself: do you have a signature bread, pie, or cookie? A customer favorite that brings them back time and again?

Do your customers ask you for recipes?

Do you have a talented photographer or Instragrammer on your team?

It might be time to consider a cookbook. Even if it doesn’t become a national bestseller, your cookbook can still bring you increased brand awareness, extend your marketing reach, and even give your profits a boost.

Have you released a cookbook? Do you have a favorite cookbook? Let us know in the comments!