Companion Baking Featured in Bake Magazine

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TwinPeaks is delighted to announce that Companion Baking Company, one of our valued clients, was recently featured in Bake Magazine’s December 2018 issue! Read below: Sandwich breads are on the rise by John Unrein (Bake Magazine) Companion owner and founder Josh Allen enjoys an inside view of America’s bread business, overseeing operations at one [...]

Is A Cloud Solution Right For You?

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Is A Cloud Solution Right For You?Do you need to make an IT decision of whether or not to move to the cloud? Or thinking of just starting with the cloud? Many business decisions require you to be armed to the teeth with information. IT is another area where you’ll need to [...]

The Future Landscape of Software Hosting: What’s Right for Your Business?

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Would you rather manage your data locally or allow a third party to host it? Do you prefer to maintain your own server, knowing you will have to replace it when it fails? Are you prepared to upgrade your equipment and devices every few years? One common dilemma businesses face is whether to adopt web-based [...]

Should Your Bakery Publish a Cookbook?

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Have you seen the Amazon cookbook bestseller page recently? Many of the top sellers come from bakeries: Magpie's beautiful primer on pies, Momofuku Milk Bar's spread of innovative modern desserts, Tartine's elegant collection of classics, and more. Cookbooks are purchased as gifts nearly twice as much as other books; put together an attractive package that highlights the unique character of [...]


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POMeTime is a web and Android tablet based Time Clock application that allows employees of any business to register exact times worked. POMeTime has two components or modules. The first, known as POMeTime back-end, is a cloud based program. Here managers are able to add, remove or manage all employee information. Managers are also able [...]

POMeSYS-Remote Update Notice

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On July 1st, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. PST, POMeSYS-Remote will be updated by our engineers.  Starting at this time, you will notice several changes in the site.  These changes will be exclusive to the user interface and will not affect any orders in POMeSYS-Host. The purpose of this update is to make it even easier [...]

Week Ending January 10, 2014

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Service Changes MyOnlineBakery-Host » An option was added to enable a user to print a logo on the sales order and invoice. » The user can now copy special prices setup for one customer to another. » The user can now copy packing methods setup for one customer to another. » Recurring orders for each [...]

Week Ending December 20, 2013

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Service Changes MyOnlineBakery-Host » An option was added to print separate tickets that drivers can use to enter returns and then make credit memos. » The user was disabled from entering an order for a product that takes two days to deliver in one day. » An option was added to group statements by route, [...]