Gift Cards Processing

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Gift cards are one of the best selling, year-round commodities in business today. Selling Gift cards and accepting payments in gift card form has become essential for the success of any retail business. Gift cards aren’t just for holidays anymore. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, special celebrations like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are all occasions for [...]

Multi Store Data Polling

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Businesses that have multiple store locations and one or more production facilities often require customer and product data to be aggregated in one location or ‘polled’. Furthermore, those bakeries that also take cake orders need to have those orders exported to the production facilities too. Thus, data polling makes it possible to prepare comparative sales [...]

Lot Item Tracking

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This functionality or add-on utility affects all three modules of Z-Bake: Accounts Receivable (AR), Purchase Order (PO) and Inventory Conrol and Costing (ICC). The program has three distinct components: 1. It enables the program user to register where finished products with certain lot numbers end up. That is in the AR module user registers the [...]